Knee Pain Holding You Back?

April 5, 2021
robotic surgery screen

Does your knee pain make life decisions for you? Have you stopped doing the things you once loved because of knee pain? If you answered “yes” to these questions, one of our orthopedic surgical experts is ready to help guide you past the pain and back to living your active lifestyle.

To bring you knee-pain relief solutions close to home, Longmont United Hospital offers a nationally recognized orthopedic program. Our Joint Care program, certified by The Joint Commission, brings together a team of orthopedic surgical experts and highly trained clinicians to provide you with the most advanced care for joint replacement and joint reconstruction.

As a leader in orthopedics, it was important for our program to add the latest robotic assisted surgical technology for our joint replacement surgery. This innovative option for full- and partial-knee replacement surgery uses 3D imaging-based planning software to allow your surgeon to completely personalize your surgical plan.

Dr. Robert FitzGibbons, Orthopedic Surgeon emphasized, “Robotic-assisted total knee replacement surgery involves preoperative CT imaging and more detailed preoperative information to optimize patient outcome. This 3D imaging software utilized in the operating room helps to minimize soft tissue dissection which in turn decreases postoperative pain. This can allow a more efficient return of functional range of motion. The robotic-assisted cutting tool adds another level of precision to optimize implant alignment and fit. The robot is the ultimate checks and balances that will benefit all patients. This system can also be used for partial knee replacements as well.”

In the operating room your orthopedic surgeon guides the robotic arm during the surgery to position the implant in your knee joint. The robotic arm assisted technology helps the surgeon to stay within the planned boundaries to ensure the most precise surgical outcomes.

Tony Pearson, MD and Longmont United Hospital Chief Medical Officer shared, “This innovative technology, in the hands of our expert surgeons, will help to create better patient outcomes. Safely getting our community members back to doing what they love is our goal.”

Our goal is to provide you with exceptional care from education prior to surgery, through surgery and past recovery and into follow-up care. We are one of the few orthopedic programs in Colorado that provides patients with the care of an orthopedic nurse navigator. Our focus on providing patients with extensive pre- and post-operative education sets our program apart and results in exceptional outcomes and successful joint recovery strategies.

Our expert joint replacement surgeons look forward to helping you schedule a consult and learn more about the joint care program at Longmont United Hospital.

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