Medical Records

Access to your medical records is simple and convenient with your MyCommonSpirit – Mountain patient portal account. 

Medical Records

Access to your medical records is simple and convenient with your MyCommonSpirit – Mountain patient portal account. 

Accessing your medical records

You can access most records with a patient portal account.

Don't have an account? Create an online patient account for a safe and simple way to access information from your electronic health record (EHR). Once you have an account, you can also download or share records with others through the portal. Some records will not be available online, but you can request copies of your full medical record at any time by following the instructions below. Records can be provided in an electronic format, if preferred.

Additional options for medical records access or requests are available below.

Individuals 18 years of age or older may grant friends and family proxy access to their account at any time by logging in and granting access directly through the portal. Parents or legal guardians of minor children up to age 12 may request proxy access to their child’s patient account by completing the Patient Authorization for Third Party Access to Patient Portal Form.
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The parent or legal guardian can request a patient portal account for their child by completing the following forms: 

Then submitting the forms via email.

All medical information that is made available in your patient portal will also be made available to your proxy. You control who can have proxy access to your account by granting and revoking access at any time from within your account.

Requesting records through your patient portal

If you have a patient portal account, you can access most records from within your account at any time or you can request a copy of your full medical record by submitting a request directly through the portal. Simply log into your account and navigate to the Sharing Hub from the main menu.

If you have any questions, you can find contact information for the applicable facility’s Health Information Management/Medical Records department below.  

Requesting records without a patient portal account

If you don’t have an account, you may request access to your medical records by completing the Patient Request to Access Medical Records Form (also available in Spanish). Charges apply.

Copies of medical records may also be released to a third party (someone other than the patient) upon receipt of a written authorization signed by the patient or legal guardian. To authorize the release of your records to a third party, complete the Patient Authorization to Disclose Protected Health Information Form (also available in Spanish). Charges apply.

Once you have completed and signed the appropriate form above, you can email it to:

Colorado and Kansas locations:

Utah locations:

You can also bring it in or fax it to the facility’s Health Information Management/Medical Records department listed below.


Facility Medical Records Contact Information

Colorado and Kansas locations:

  • Bob Wilson Memorial Hospital, Phone: 620-356-6060 | Fax: 620-424-2898
  • Longmont United Hospital, Phone: 303-651-5069 | Fax: 303-651-5230
  • Mercy Hospital, Phone: 970-764-3700 | Fax: 970-764-3729
  • OrthoColorado Hospital, Phone: 720-321-5310 | Fax: 720-321-2919
  • Penrose Hospital, Phone: 719-776-5296 | Fax: 719-776-5125
  • St. Anthony Hospital, Phone: 720-321-3340 | Fax: 720-321-3341
  • St. Anthony North Hospital, Phone: 720-627-0180 | Fax: 720-627-0184
  • St. Anthony Summit Hospital, Phone: 970-668-2877 | Fax: 970-668-9589
  • St. Elizabeth Hospital, Phone: 970-542-3325 | Fax: 970-542-4392
  • St. Francis Hospital, Phone: 719-571-1050 | Fax: 719-571-1054
  • St. Mary-Corwin Hospital, Phone: 719-557-5150 | Fax: 719-557-4647
  • St. Catherine Hospital – Dodge City, Phone: 620-225-8422 | Fax: 620-225-8759
  • St. Catherine Hospital – Garden City, Phone: 620-272-2161 | Fax: 620-272-2136
  • St. Thomas More Hospital, Phone: 719-285-2042 | Fax: 719-285-2030

Utah locations:

  • Holy Cross Hospital -Davis, Phone: 801-807-7540 | Fax: 801-807-7830
  • Holy Cross Hospital-Jordan Valley, Phone: 801-562-3157 | Fax: 801-285-5226
  • Holy Cross Hospital-Jordan Valley West, Phone: 801-964-3272 | Fax: 801-964-3467
  • Holy Cross Hospital-Mountain Point| Phone: 385-345-3337| Fax: 385-345-3301
  • Holy Cross Hospital-Salt Lake| Phone: 801-350-4813| Fax: 801-350-4390