It only takes minutes of your day” to check for breast cancer

February 13, 2024
Photo for web article - patient with physician - breast care, Feb. 2024

A woman who is receiving treatment for breast cancer at Holy Cross Hospital – Davis shared her personal journey after she was surprised by her diagnosis.

Kristie Nelson learned in 2023 that she had breast cancer and wondered what it would mean for her and her children.

Although she had a hopeful prognosis as of October, she wanted others to know how important it is to get their mammogram.

“It just takes a moment to get screened, said Nelson. “I’ve always been pretty healthy and I’m a ‘don’t fix it if it’s not broken’ kind of person. It only takes minutes out of your day for preventative care.”

“Breast cancer is the most common cancer we see,” said Radiation Oncologist Robert Harris, MD at CommonSpirit Holy Cross Hospital – Davis in Layton. “One in eight women will face the challenge of breast cancer. If it’s caught early it’s treatable. With treatment, 92% of patients with Stage 1 do very well.”

Technology has improved, said Harris. “We can see better than in the past with 3D technology. The radiologist can see the architecture of the breast. If you compress it, it becomes two dimensional with overlapping shadows. It can cause a false area of concern or a false positive.”

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