Having a baby soon? Use this pregnancy checklist.

March 13, 2023
A woman holding her newborn daughter, at home, in Centennial Colorado, September 23, 2022.

Here are some reminders to help you stay safe, healthy and prepared from the moment you know you're pregnant to the magical day of delivery. 

Months 1 to 3

  • Meet with your obstetrician/midwife
  • Prepare a list of questions for your prenatal visits
  • Continue taking vitamins
  • Maintain healthy eating habits
  • Do not smoke, drink alcohol or take street drugs
  • Avoid smoking areas
  • Obtain exercise guidelines from your care provider
  • Start pregnancy photo album
  • If returning to work following birth, arrange for child care

Months 3 to 6

  • Preregister for your hospital stay
  • Consider infant feeding options
  • Register for childbirth/refresher/sibling preparation, breastfeeding classes, infant and child CPR and safety classes

Months 6 to 9

  • Select your pediatrician/infant care provider
  • Interview and select reliable babysitters
  • Discuss your desires for your birth experience with your provider
  • Prepare your nursery
  • Make arrangements for infants/children at home during your hospital stay
  • Pack a suitcase for you and your baby
  • Pack telephone numbers for friends and family members
  • Plan transportation to and from the hospital and become familiar with the route
  • Buy an infant car seat (certified for use in motor vehicles)
  • Attend childbirth/breastfeeding/baby care classes

Delivery day

  • If you arrive at the hospital between the hours of 6 am and 8 pm, enter through the main entrance.
  • If you arrive after 8 pm, proceed to the emergency department entrance. You will be directed or escorted to the women's center, where a labor nurse will greet you.
  • Your nurse and a physician or midwife will evaluate you and attend to your needs.
  • To protect your privacy at all times we will not reveal any information during your stay. All information regarding you and your baby must come directly from you or your partner.
  • To avoid interruption of medical care, we will allow no more than three support people to accompany you while in labor. If there are other family members or friends they will be directed to wait in the family waiting room.
  • After the birth of your baby you will stay on the labor floor before being transferred to your postpartum hospital room, where you will be for the remainder of your stay.
  • On the postpartum floor you will enjoy a full array of services including our breastfeeding consultant and support, access to the Newborn Channel and baby care classes.
  • In anticipation of going home, your physician/midwife will review the discharge plan. You and your newborn may be eligible for a home nurse visit after discharge. Please inquire about this option.