Turn to Centura for Highly Skilled Surgeons, Robotic Technology & Compassion

April 6, 2022
Surgeon David Donahue

Skilled surgeons and robotic equipment make General Surgery at Longmont one of the best places for routine and emergency surgeries.

When you need surgery, three things are crucially important for a positive outcome: the surgeon’s skill, the quality of the surgical center, and compassionate care. At Centura General Surgery at Longmont United Hospital, patients get all three.

We have two surgeons on staff—Dr. David Donahue, DO and Dr. Bryan Levy, DO—who care for Longmont residents every day by providing routine and emergency surgeries. These highly-trained experts pride themselves on their skills both in the operating room and communicating with patients.

The team at Centura General Surgery at Longmont United Hospital is committed to providing top quality surgical care that’s individualized for each patient. Read more about Dr. David Donahue, DO and Dr. Bryan Levy, DO, and how they became the skilled surgeons they are today.

Informed Patients Have Better Outcomes

While surgery is routine for our team, we know it’s anything but for our patients. That’s why Dr. Donahue and Dr. Levy take time to explain everything, answer your questions, and help you decide what’s best for your situation.

“We welcome patient questions,” Dr. Levy said. “Informed patients have better outcomes. They understand what’s happening with their body, what the procedure will be, and what to expect.” Knowing what to expect also helps patients better handle pain that might arise after surgery.

The Advantages of Robotic Surgery

Did you know that Centura General Surgery at Longmont United Hospital is one of the highest volume robotic general surgery practices in Boulder County?

Robotic technology is valued by surgeons because it gives them more freedom to manipulate tools and tissue during surgery. It’s better than laparoscopic surgery which provides a 2D image of the area they’re working on. Imaging tools used with robotic technology gives surgeons a 3D image.

“Surgeons have 360 degrees of freedom to move and greater dexterity during surgery with robotic surgical equipment,” Dr. Donahue said. “We see more depth, plus have special light settings that help us see things like blood supply, structures in the gallbladder, and fluorescence.”

Patients love robotic surgery because it results in smaller incisions, less pain, and faster recovery times.

Experience You Can Be Confident In

When you need surgery, you want a team that has extensive experience in your particular surgery. Our surgeons routinely perform many kinds of general and robotic surgery.

The most common general surgeries are:

  • anorectal procedures
  • colorectal disease
  • emergency general surgery
  • endocrine surgery
  • gallbladder and biliary procedures
  • hernia surgery
  • skin and subcutaneous (benign and malignant)
  • small bowel
  • stomach
  • vascular access (Medi-ports)

And when it comes to robotic surgeries, these are most common at General Surgery at Longmont United Hospital:

  • adrenal surgery
  • biliary–gallbladder
  • colon surgery–cancer, diverticulitis, colovesical fistulas
  • foregut–Nissen fundoplication, hiatal hernia, paraesophageal hernias
  • hernias
  • lysis of adhesions
  • small bowel surgery
  • spleen surgery