St. Elizabeth Hospital re-opens Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

June 6, 2023
New SEH ICU opening

At St. Elizabeth, we are neighbors serving neighbors and are committed to providing incredible care for our communities. As part of our effort to best serve Northeast Colorado residents, St. Elizabeth Hospital has re-opened their Intensive Care Unit (ICU) effective January 2023.

“To better serve our community and keep care local, opening the ICU was identified as a key priority for St. Elizabeth Hospital (SEH). Over several months, key staff members were identified, hired and trained through extensive orientation and skill development which included training at various Centura facilities in the Denver metro area,” said St. Elizabeth’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Robert Schmidt.

“I am incredibly proud to be a part of SEH and to be surrounded by a team of amazing clinical leaders, providers and dedicated front-line teams for the work done to re-open our ICU,” added St. Elizabeth’s Chief Executive Officer, Josh Neff. “This transformative addition to SEH will not only help improve the health and well-being of the communities we serve in NE Colorado, but they’ll be able to receive care closer to home, which is the priority.”

SEH values providing NE Colorado residents with lifesaving care when they need it most. In the case of serious illness or injury, patients are met with highly skilled providers, state-of-the-art technology and monitoring systems and above all, kind and compassionate care. The re-opening of this six-bed unit is not solely a benefit to the community and patients, but it provides immense support to the nursing staff in other departments.

Neff continued, “we feel fortunate that we are now able to provide this to our community, as we know how important it is for rural communities to have high-quality care close by. Now, instead of every patient needing to be transferred to larger facilities to receive intensive care, many of them can be served locally by caregivers who are living in Fort Morgan. They can be helped by their neighbors”.