Respect & Care Make the Difference

August 2, 2021
Make robot: Robotic arm-assisted surgery.

When a patient arrives at the hospital, preparing for a large surgery, they are looking for signs from the staff and doctors so that they can feel at ease and know they are in good hands. That is exactly what Daniel Frauenfelder experienced at St. Anthony North Hospital.

Daniel described that right from the beginning, St. Anthony North Hospital did a great job making him feel at ease through each step of the process, from registration to the surgical area. “Each nurse practitioner or doctor I experienced was excellent, respectful and treated me well. I was in full understanding of what was going to happen throughout my entire experience,” Daniel explained. Each team member explained their role, what they were there to do and how they were going to do it. From the anesthesiologist to Daniel’s nurse during recovery, “each member of the team took care of me and they were happy to do it. I was so surprised at how happy everyone was. I think Dr. Ian Weber’s surgical team is a phenomenal team.”

Encountering the robot

Daniel’s total knee replacement used robotic assisted surgical technology. Daniel explains, “I believe that Dr. Weber’s expertise using the robot made my surgery a less intrusive procedure and I was able to come home the same day. I highly recommend this interaction between surgeon, robotic assisted surgical technology and patient”.

Dr. Weber adds, “Robotic technology here at St. Anthony North Hospital is a game changer. We are seeing faster recoveries, less pain and quicker return to activities. As Daniel has noticed, we have an incredible well-trained staff that has made this program very successful. With the robot we can make an architectural game plan of each patient's knee before we make a cut. Essentially, we can customize the total knee procedure to the patient's anatomy. This is very powerful, and we are seeing incredible results.

Surgery is just the start

Post operation, Daniel has been participating in rehabilitation at Centura Health. The Physical Therapists have been working hard with Daniel on gaining strength, balance and range of motion. “I have been working with Cory and Ed and both have been extremely respectful and have helped me through each stage of the process,” Daniel explains. If he has a concern or a question about the rehabilitation progression, his concerns are addressed, and questions are answered. Daniel feels the rehabilitation team is extremely knowledgeable and holds the utmost confidence in the therapy they are providing and educating him to continue to full recovery.

It takes a team effort

The experienced team at St. Anthony North Hospital takes pride in the services provided. By emphasizing the importance of the whole patient, individuals can feel comfortable, informed and at ease knowing they will be taken care of and are in great hands.

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