The Nicholson Family Story

April 21, 2022
Exterior view of St. Catherine Hospital - Dodge City.

Recently, Jeremiah and Sarae Nicholson had one of the scariest moment in their lives happen with their son, Kainon, who was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit through the Emergency Department. Read more, as Jeremiah tells their story about their recent experience at St. Catherine Hospital - Dodge City.

“Sarae and I had one of the scariest moments of our lives happen last night with Kainon. Our youngest son had a hard fall to the ground and once we rushed to the ER, we were told he had a skull fracture. Thankfully there appeared to be no swelling and no bleeding. After a night’s stay in the hospital, he was discharged home safely and happy!”

“I just wanted to personally thank everyone involved with helping us. From our emergency room doctor and team that comforted us from the very beginning, the telehealth consultations of another pediatric hospital, Dr. Moffitt, our pediatrician, who immediately stopped by once he heard we were in the ER - just 5 minutes after we were contemplating calling him for advice, Kainon’s ICU nurses and especially Morgan Salmans, his day nurse for the comfort and quality care that they all provided."

" We received countless calls and messages from our family and friends with words of comfort for assurance and endless prayers. Our support system came in above and beyond what I could have ever envisioned and I believe that Kainon’s good report is a direct result of that. Thank God that he guided us through everything and put things in place for us - and thank you Western Plains!”

“This year’s already been extremely challenging to say the least and this experience has snapped our focus back onto what’s truly important. We feel blessed with our family and friends and we just wanted to say thanks from the bottom of our hearts!” - Jeremiah