Meet Dr. Bryan Levy, DO

April 6, 2022
Dr. Bryan Levy, DO

Fourth-generation doctor and Front Range native, Dr. Levy is a surgeon who loves to answer patients’ questions.  

What’s the value of wisdom handed down from one generation to the next? And how does its worth grow when that wisdom is passed along several generations? It’s impossible measure but Dr. Bryan Levy, DO is proof that it’s invaluable and precious. You see, Dr. Levy is a fourth-generation doctor who’s been immersed in medicine since childhood and is now a general surgeon at Centura General Surgery at Longmont United Hospital. 

A Family Tradition in Medicine

“My great-grandfather was a general practitioner before there were credentials for medicine,” Dr. Levy says. “My grandfather was a cardiologist, and my dad is a primary care physician who practiced in the Front Range community for 35 years.”

Dr. Levey was born and raised in Golden. At an early age Dr. Levy accompanied his father on rounds in Denver area hospitals. As a widower and single parent, the elder Dr. Levy didn’t always have childcare for his son and daughter. “My sister and I would be dropped off in his office after school and play in the exam room,” Dr Levy said.

Did this family tradition in medicine make Dr. Levy feel pressured to follow suit? Not at all. “My dad made it clear that going to medical school wasn’t required,” he said. A profession in medicine simply felt natural for Dr. Levy.

Drawn to Surgery

As Dr. Levy went through medical school and his residency, he was drawn to the atmosphere of the operating room.

“I like surgery because you get to fix something. As a surgeon you fix a problem and it’s resolved,” Dr. Levy says. “It’s rewarding. For example, when someone comes in with cancer, you remove it, and they heal. Or you can fix someone’s pain. It’s very rewarding because that surgery is going to affect their life.”

Dr. Levy also likes the hands-on aspect of surgery, in part of because of the progression of developing his skills. “I get better each time I do surgery. Technically I progress and become a master at a skill,” he said.

A Skilled Communicator

“I like talking to patients and I welcome all their questions,” Dr. Levy said. “No matter how much they don’t know about the body, I listen and answer their questions. There’s a stereotype that surgeons are abrasive and not receptive to questions. I want my patients to be informed because informed patients have better outcomes.

“When people don’t know or are unsure of what’s going to happen, it can be scary. I let patients know they have options, and we make decisions together, weighing their individual factors.” This communication style helps build a strong doctor-patient relationship which ensures that patients know what to expect before, during, and after surgery. 

Proud to Be A Local

While Dr. Levy’s studies took him to Montana, Iowa, and Michigan, he’s thrilled that he had the opportunity to come home to the Front Range to work. “I love it here. I have family and connections that hold me close here,” he said.

We’re Proud to Have Dr. Levy on Staff

Centura Health is proud to have Dr. Levy on staff and of the way he provides individualized care for each patient.  You can read more about his credentials here and learn more about Centura General Surgery at Longmont United Hospital here.