Longmont United Hospital is the Knee Replacement Provider of Choice for this Nurse

September 28, 2021
LUH Robotic Knee Surgery

What’s one of the most effective ways to find out where to get the best healthcare? Ask a healthcare professional where they go! Recently, Diane Jodzio-Willson told us why she chose Longmont for her knee replacement, the very hospital where she’s worked as a nurse for 28 years. Here are her responses to our questions—and why she’d recommend that others with knee pain get surgery sooner rather than later.

When did you start experiencing pain?
At least five years ago. I had pain in both knees and it was progressively getting worse. I’d come home from work and I’d have to lie down for an hour. If I forgot something in the car I’d think, “Oh, no! It’s just too much!”

What treatments did you try before surgery?
Even though I’ve been part of thousands of knee surgeries, I was afraid of surgery and the recovery. Over the years I tried injections of cortisone and Euflexxa, as well as physical therapy (PT). There was no relief from anything.

What made you finally go ahead with knee replacement?
The pain was keeping me from gardening, cooking and RVing. I had to say no to going to the cabin with my husband and going to walk the dog. I was tired of saying no to doing things.

One day in April I felt a pop in my left knee and I knew it was time. Pain was on my mind every waking moment. I couldn’t go on anymore.

Why did you choose Longmont United Hospital for your surgery?
I knew the people and Longmont United Hospital had just gotten robotic arm assisted technology that assists with joint replacement surgery. I knew both knees were going to need replacing and I wanted Dr. William Cooney to do both with the robot.

What did you experience after surgery?
I was up and going two hours after getting to the room. Getting up after surgery, I could not believe the pain was gone! I don’t ever think about the left knee now.

I had patient therapy (PT) for two weeks at home where the therapist helped me with exercises, walking and stairs. Then I did two weeks of outpatient PT. I was surprised that everything went better than I was expecting. It was so much smoother than I thought. The pain was not that bad.

I’m not limited anymore. I get up in the morning and I don’t think about the knee.

Tomorrow, I go for my six-week check-up and I’ll likely be going back to work at eight weeks.

What would you tell others considering knee replacement?
I’ve heard so many patients say, “I wish I hadn’t waited.” That they feel so much better – but it’s different when it’s you.

I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again. There’s such an improvement in quality of life in such a short time.

What was it like to be the patient instead of the nurse?
I can’t say enough good things about everyone, even the people who clean the room and bring the food trays. Everybody was just wonderful. From the minute I walked in until I walked out, I knew I’d get the best possible care. And I did!

Next steps

Diane is already scheduled to have her right knee replaced and she’s so excited! Learn more about total joint replacement and joint reconstruction at Longmont United Hospital.