Heart Health Starts at Home

April 21, 2022
Edith Jimenez, RN, conversing with a patient at the bedside

After a long day, it’s easy to put your feet up and grab the remote. This may help you unwind, but it won’t do your heart any favors. In fact, if you’re like most Americans, it’s enhancing an already sedentary lifestyle, which can increase your risk for several health problems, including heart disease. 

So tonight, instead of snuggling into the couch, try incorporating some physical activity into your evening routine first. 

  • Take an after-dinner walk
  • Sit on the floor and stretch during your favorite show
  • Set a goal to do 100 jumping jacks, 25 push-ups, 25 lunges and 50 sit-ups.
  • Dust off the X-Box or Wii for 30 minutes of dancing, bowling, tennis or another interactive game
  • Play Twister or charades with the family
  • Do squats while you brush your teeth 

The great thing is that exercise doesn’t have to be “work.” It comes in all shapes and sizes and can be done from the comfort of your own home at any time of the day!