The BirthPlace provides top-notch experiences for mom and baby

March 8, 2023
A mother sitting next to the bed of her newborn baby, talking with one of her caregivers, Dr. Lydia H.

The BirthPlace at Longmont United Hospital is the only birthing center of its kind in the Longmont area. The BirthPlace offers personalized-, patient- and family-centered birth experiences while also providing the best, most advanced medical care possible.  

At The BirthPlace, you’ll find spacious, private rooms that are specifically designed to comfort and support new moms, with oversized jacuzzi tubs and other home-like touches including rollaway daybeds and ensuite bathrooms with showers. In addition to the comfortable amenities, it’s the Longmont United caregivers that make birthing at The BirthPlace truly exceptional.  

“Our team approach to maternity care ensures consistent and personalized care, so that each patient can have the birth experience they desire and get the quality care that they deserve,” said Lydia Hostetler, DO, an obstetrician/gynecologist at Longmont United Hospital.  

A tight-knit medical team

At The BirthPlace, that team consists of board-certified OB physicians, neonatal nurse practitioners, pediatric hospitalists, certified lactation consultants and midwives. Patients also have the option to include their own doula. Each of these providers work with expectant mothers to discuss and plan for the patient’s individualized ideal birth, while The BirthPlace has the capabilities to provide advanced medical care, should it be necessary, in the surgical suite and Level II neonatal intensive care unit.  

“The relationship between providers and patients is vital,” Dr. Hostetler says. “Your provider should be your advocate as well as your guide in prenatal care. If there are certain things that are very important to you in and around your delivery, this should be an open and honest conversation early. Trust in your providers is key, especially if your plan needs to be deviated from. Flexibility and putting safety first should be the priority of your care team.”  

'I trust my colleagues with my life’

Word of the trusting relationships patients and providers at The BirthPlace have formed and the excellent experiences mothers have had has spread throughout the Longmont area. “This community has been so amazing to work with!” Dr. Hostetler says. “People are excited and grateful for the care they received at The BirthPlace. We regularly receive appreciation and referrals to our practice [from former patients], and several of our patients travel to see us here in Longmont.”  

In fact, Dr. Hostetler herself has experienced the exceptional care that The BirthPlace provides. Srijaya Nalla, MD, and Mary Beth Spinos, Perianatal Nurse Practitioner, are both providers at The BirthPlace, and they delivered Dr. Hostetler’s two children.  

“Our team works so well because we have a collaborative approach, and we care for each other as friends as well as colleagues. I trust my colleagues with my life, and I trusted them in my own pregnancies and care. That should say a lot about what fabulous women and providers they are!”  

If you or a loved one are interested in the individualized birthing experience The BirthPlace can provide, call 303-651-5111 or visit The BirthPlace at Longmont United Hospital to get started with our team of incredible caregivers.