St. Elizabeth Hospital purchases 3D mammogram machine

June 6, 2023
St. Elizabeth Hospital, Fort Morgan, May 1-5, 2022 (retouched to remove logo)

As part of our commitment to provide incredible care to our rural community, St. Elizabeth Hospital is acquiring a 3D mammogram machine that is estimated to be in use summer 2023. This high-quality, mammogram machine was purchased with funds provided through a generous $300 thousand dollar donation from the Fort Morgan Community Hospital Association and Foundation.

“The members of both the Association and the Foundation Boards fully agree that regular mammography testing is a crucial component of quality healthcare that should be available locally,” said Fort Morgan Community Hospital Association and Foundation Executive Director, Loren Boyett. “Mammograms are an essential tool for early breast cancer detection and having an updated 3D mammogram machine ensures that physicians can utilize reliable mammogram testing as part of a patient's quality healthcare plan.”

When it comes to diseases like breast cancer, early detection is crucial. The 3D mammogram machine is the gold standard in breast health. 3D mammography returns approximately 300 images, far more than traditional mammography. This cutting-edge technology results in more accurate detection, earlier diagnosis, better detection and can significantly reduce the anxiety associated with this type of exam by reducing the number of false positives.

“This machine will be able to detect 40% more cancers than the typical 2D mammogram study and often at an earlier stage,” said St. Elizabeth’s Director of Clinical Shared Services, W. Glenn Griffin. “If we can detect cancers sooner with this piece of equipment, we can get the patients to the right provider quicker and get them appropriate treatment, which gives them a better outcome.”

At SEH, we know how important it is that our residents are provided with high-quality, local care.

St. Elizabeth CEO, Josh Neff adds, “We look forward to offering our community a highly reliable cancer screening, without the patients needing to travel outside of Fort Morgan to receive their care. We are incredibly grateful to the Fort Morgan Community Hospital Association and Foundation who has helped us provide NE Coloradans with accessibility to high-level cancer detection.”