Did you know Dodge City offers complete therapeutic rehab?

March 8, 2023
Exterior view of St. Catherine Hospital - Dodge City.

Centura St. Catherine Hospital - Dodge City offers a comprehensive therapeutic rehabilitation program not often found in rural communities. “We have seen it all. Everything from pre- and post-partum, to pediatrics, to traumatic brain injuries, to strokes, our therapists have experience in all these areas,” says Director of Rehabilitation Amy Dunn. “We are in a small town, but we have so many talented, experienced therapists that there’s nothing that we haven’t dealt with in one way or another.” 

These talented therapists with decades of combined experience are all able to work interchangeably at each of St. Catherine Hospital's therapeutic rehabilitation facilities. There are two locations in Dodge City and one Cimarron, as well as an aquatic therapy center at the hospital. Physical therapy and occupational therapy are available in both cities, with speech therapy coming soon.  

Healing right at home

Brad Herter, a patient who healed from a rotator cuff injury, experienced the capabilities of therapeutic rehabilitation firsthand at the urging of his wife, who had also undergone rehabilitation care at the facility. Herter completely tore his rotator cuff in August and worked with three therapists over the course of four months. He was able to fully heal from his injury and return to normal activities, like golfing and shooting basketball with his daughter.

“From diagnosis through post-surgery physical therapy, the team was great,” says Herter of his experience with outpatient therapy at St. Catherine Hospital. “Amy assisted early by indicating to doctors that I had a potential torn rotator cuff, which led to X-rays and an MRI that confirmed a tear.” 

Herter started recovery the day after surgery with appointments two to three days a week for the next three months. "Each therapist I saw had to work though my ‘trust issues’ in the beginning, but eventually they convinced me to relax and let them do their job,” he says. “They all worked with me on achieving the goal of restoring my range of motion and regaining strength. I am grateful for all their work and appreciate the positive environment they created to make each session enjoyable.” 

Often, people don’t know that they can get these services so close to home. Like Herter, many patients are referred by friends or family who have also gone through rehabilitation at St. Catherine Hospital. “We are able to provide such great outcomes for our patients that they tell other patients and then those patients tell other patients,” Dunn says. “The community really helps spread the word for us.”  

If you or a loved one need rehabilitation care for balance impairment, concussion, joint pain, neurological issues, spinal cord injury, work-related injuries, or another issue, you can get the care you need right here in western Kansas. Call 620-225-8400 or visit St. Catherine Hospital - Dodge City to start healing today.