Centura Health Vaccinates Promotoras to Increase Health, Wellness and Awareness of COVID-19 in Latinx Communities

February 9, 2021
Vuela for Health

In an effort to raise awareness about the COVID-19 vaccine in Spanish-speaking communities, Centura Health – St. Anthony Hospital recently hosted a special vaccination event to provide the vaccine to a group of promotoras – a Spanish term for community health workers, and lay health workers in Latinx communities.

After receiving the vaccine, promotoras then relay information about the vaccine to others in their communities, to dispel misinformation, quell concerns and provide information and education related to the vaccine.

The vaccination of these promotoras will help ensure that Spanish-speaking individuals in Latinx communities across the Denver-metro area are informed to make choices regarding their health and have access to information related to the COVID-19 vaccine and additional health care resources.

Maria Milagros-Kneusel, DNP, MSHCE, MSN Ed, RN, CMGT-BC, Primary Care RN Clinical Coordinator: Central Denver Region, and event organizer noted the importance of this event in Denver’s Spanish speaking communities, “This invaluable partnership between our promotoras and Centura Health is vitally important to foster health within our Spanish-speaking communities – it allows us to go directly to our community members who may have questions and concerns about the vaccine and help them understand what is right for them and their families.”

Promotoras through Vuela For Health, a local organization, participate in direct community outreach in schools, churches, recreation areas and more, to mobilize and engage individuals to make active decisions about their own health care by offering resources, education and support that strengthens their sense of self-worth. The goal of the group is to promote a healthy change in Spanish-speaking families and their communities. Together with Centura Health, this vaccination event bolsters public health and fosters economic, environmental and social well-being.