Peyton Manning and Centura Health recognize caregivers for excellence

October 31, 2022

Centura Health, the region’s leading health system, and Peyton Manning joined forces at Centura St. Anthony Hospital and OrthoColorado to honor caregivers for their continued commitment to excellence in delivering whole person care in Colorado. 

Manning, the two-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback who has made Colorado his family’s full-time home since his retirement from the NFL in 2016, demonstrated excellence on and off the field for 18 years, winning two Super Bowls as well as the Byron “Wizzer” White Humanitarian Award and the NFL’s Walter Payton Man of the Year Award. Like Manning, Centura and our 21,000 incredible caregivers are committed to excellence through top-quality safety-focused health care, leading to Friday’s recognition of caregivers from across our connected ecosystem.

“I’ve been lucky to be part of great teams and to see how successful a group can be when individual players come together with a shared goal and a dedication to putting in the work to achieve that goal,” Manning said. “That same priority is one of many things that make the Centura Health caregivers true leaders in the health care industry.”

The following caregivers were honored at this special event:

  • Rachel Sabolish, Registered Nurse at Centura Porter Adventist Hospital
    Patients hospitalized with COVID-19 often had rapid clinical decline, and many of them had not expressed to others or documented their wishes for care. This was accompanied by visitor restrictions and patient social isolation during a time of stress and uncertainty. Rachel led the development of innovative practices and processes to deliver early palliative care consultation for all patients hospitalized with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 infections. She helped develop health system pandemic palliative care services, including a triage algorithm, care goals, conversation strategies and symptom management resources. Her work supported optimization of scarce hospital resources, avoidance of potential patient suffering with undesired medical care, and helped families understand their loved one’s care preferences.
  • Danielle Muller, Registered Nurse at Centura St. Anthony Hospital
    When thinking about caregivers who exemplify compassion and excellence day in and day out, her peers say that Danielle is the first who comes to mind. Danielle has been a staple to the success of St. Anthony Hospital’s ICU. In addition to her job in the ICU, she shares her passion for excellence in her secondary role of House Supervisor ensuring that the hospital runs smoothly in all phases of care. Danielle will be the first to tell you that her unique passion is hospital throughput and patient flow. Because of this, she has touched the lives of hundreds of patients through her advocacy for ensuring patients are receiving the right care, at the right time, in the right unit.  One of her peers said this about Danielle: “Danielle embodies what it means to have integrity. She consistently speaks with and cares for our distraught patients and families with compassion and kindness. She is an advocate, through and through.” Most recently, many of her peers nominated her for the St. Anthony Hospital Nurse of the Year Award. She is truly an Incredible Caregiver with an Incredible Mission.
  • Jamal Noshahi, Registered Nurse, and Jennifer Olmsted, Registered Nurse, at Littleton Adventist Hospital
    There are many incredible stories of our caregivers delivering excellent clinical outcomes throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and now, one of those stories is being brought to life by a couple who experienced it firsthand. During the height of the pandemic, a patient and her husband were both diagnosed with COVID-19. While the wife experienced mild symptoms, her husband was deteriorating quickly until he was ultimately fighting for his life on a ventilator. After countless acts of compassionate care by the ICU team at Littleton Adventist Hospital, where the patient spent two months, the patient recovered and was able to return home. As the wife shared recently, “After some harrowing moments they saved his life.” The patient’s wife was so moved by the experience, she recently wrote a play about this life-changing journey and the care team that supported her husband that will debut next month. This team we’re celebrating today provided countless hours of compassionate care for this patient.
  • Dr. Jared Foran, Orthopedic Surgeon, at Centura OrthoColorado Hospital
    As a physician leader for several years, Dr. Jared Foran has played an integral role in driving the success of OrthoColorado Hospital’s Same Day Total Joint Replacement Program. As the hospital’s first surgeon to initiate total joint patients who are walking on the day of surgery, Dr. Foran is dedicated to continuous improvement in patient care through research and implementation of evidence-based best practices. His commitment to ensure same day patients can safely recover in the comfort of their own home has been key in the development of OrthoColorado’s specialized care protocols. Dr. Foran is becoming known among the team at OrthoColorado as the creator of the “Foran Fan Club.” With patients seeking his care from New Mexico, Texas, and throughout the entire western region, Dr. Foran has a lot of people who have depended on him for high-quality treatment and positive outcomes. His heart-felt compassion and orthopedic expertise are consistent with Centura’s values, and he leaves a lasting impression on the lives of those he has cared for.
  • Nurses Michele Gammel and Kris Caquelin at Centura Avista Adventist Hospital
    These individuals represent a dedicated group of caregivers working in the Newborn ICU who know that even small gestures can have a big impact. For the past 15 years, these nurses have been sharing the gift of beautifully crafted cards, signs and milestone messages with families and babies treated on their unit, bringing joy and love to patients in an otherwise stressful time. If a stay in the NICU becomes necessary, parents are confronted with a barrage of emotions that can at times be difficult to process. Looking for a way to introduce joy and celebrate milestones on a newborn’s journey, this group of Avista NICU caregivers began using their own crafting materials and free time to create holiday signs, name signs, cards and milestone messages that featured the tiny hand and footprints of newborns. They regularly go above and beyond to ensure that every family in their care leaves with a remembrance piece, but, more importantly, feels the warmth and compassion of each caregiver for their loved one.