Cancer Center

The Dorcy Cancer Center at St. Mary-Corwin Hospital is a comprehensive cancer treatment program in Pueblo. We offer patients across Southern Colorado state-of-the art technology, the most advanced treatments, and leading oncology physicians all in one place, making cancer treatment easier and more efficient for patients and their families.

2004 Lake Ave
Pueblo, CO 81004
Monday - Sunday: 8:00 am-5:00 pm

Our Services

Each patient at the Dorcy Cancer Center receives an individualized treatment plan that is informed by our team of expert oncologists. The plan is created following careful study of the patient's imaging studies, pathology report and other test results, as well as a thorough physical examination.

We have many different types of cancer treatment and diagnostic tests available at the Dorcy Cancer Center. The range of therapies may include chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery, hormone therapy or a combination of these therapies.


Cancer Center


St. Mary-Corwin Hospital’s cancer care is an approved and accredited cancer program by the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer (CoC). The CoC is a highly respected medical accrediting body, and the accreditation is a validation of the excellence in quality cancer care at St. Mary-Corwin Hospital. Only one in four hospitals treating cancer patients has this special CoC approval and accreditation.

CoC accreditation recognizes the quality of comprehensive cancer care and access to all of the medical specialists involved in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Approval and accreditation is granted only to facilities that comply with the CoC’s rigorous standards. CoC accredited programs are reviewed every three years.

Receiving care at a CoC Approved Cancer Program ensures that you will receive:

  • Quality care close to home
  • Comprehensive care with state-of-the-art services and equipment
  • A multi-specialty, team approach to coordinate the best treatment options available for each patient
  • Access to cancer-related information, education and support
  • A Cancer Registry that collects data on type and stage of cancers and treatment results, and offers lifelong patient follow-up
  • Information about clinical trials and new treatment options
  • Ongoing monitoring and improvement of care

The CoC approvals program in place at St. Mary-Corwin Hospital is recognized by other national health care organizations, including the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO), as demonstrating high-quality cancer care.

Accreditation is a process of review that allows health care organizations to demonstrate their ability to meet regulatory requirements and quality standards. Accreditation bodies, like the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer, act as quality assurance mechanisms in the health care industry.

The Commission on Cancer of the American College of Surgeons is a group of professional organizations dedicated to reducing cancer’s toll through education, standard setting and the monitoring of quality care.

Patients at St. Mary-Corwin Hospital benefit from our multidisciplinary, coordinated team approach to cancer care. One example is the Tumor Board, a regular meeting of surgeons, pathologists, radiation, oncology, medical oncology, patient navigators, the clinical trials nurse, and others. Each week at the Tumor Board, new cases are presented and together the team talks through the case and determines the best treatment plan for the patient, according to the recommendations and guidelines.

The Cancer Registry is a valuable shared tool in the fight against cancer.

All CoC-accredited cancer centers are required to report data to the Cancer Registry, including the type of cancer, the treatment, and the outcome. Cancer Registry data plays an important role in research studies for scientific researchers. Detailed information from the Cancer Registry on patient demographics, initial diagnosis, cancer site and histology, extent of disease, treatment, recurrence and survival provides the baseline for many studies. Collecting this data at local, state and national levels helps strengthen the collective fight against cancer.

Diagnostic imaging

Cancer Center

Diagnostic imaging

Diagnostic evaluation for cancer has improved dramatically with the development of high-speed, high-accuracy scanning and other imaging equipment. New techniques obtain tissue samples through less-invasive procedures that may not require actual surgery. Sensitive, specific stains for cancers have been developed to determine more about the way in which a certain cancer may behave. Blood tests also help in determining types of cancer and responses to treatment.

A variety of diagnostic imaging tests may be required to completely diagnose your cancer.

St. Mary-Corwin Hospital’s Breast Center of Excellence offers complete screening and diagnostic services. Our comprehensive services include:

  • 3D mammography
  • Automated breast ultrasound (ABUS)
  • Digital screening mammography
  • Digital mammography
  • Breast ultrasound and ultrasound-guided breast biopsy
  • Breast MRI and MRI-guided breast biopsy
  • Stereotactic biopsy
  • PET/CT scans
  • Bone densitometry screening
  • High-risk breast screening

Advances in diagnosis and therapy in radiology continue at a rapid pace. The Department of Radiology at St. Mary Corwin Hospital prides itself in being on the leading edge of these advances as radiology is an important piece of both the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

Advanced imaging shows both function and anatomy at the same time, making it the best way to identify and evaluate the development of cancer. Our radiology department has several innovative methods for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer including techniques to deliver localized therapy to treat cancer with less impact on the rest of the body.

For more information about diagnostic services at St. Mary Corwin Hospital, contact us by:

  • Phone: 719-557-5930

Cancer Center


Depending on the type, location and size of the cancer, you may be recommended either local or systemic therapies. Local therapies include surgery and radiation, which treat tumors at the site. Systemic therapies circulate throughout the body in the bloodstream and include chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, antiangiogenesis agents and vaccines. Systemic therapies are administered by mouth, injection or infusion (IV).

The inpatient chemotherapy Infusion Center at the Dorcy Cancer Center has been newly remodeled with patient comfort in mind. To ensure our patients receive the highest quality of care, all of our nurses are certified oncology nurses. Our clinical pharmacist reviews all chemotherapy provided in the infusion center to ensure appropriate dosage.

Radiation therapy

Cancer Center

Radiation therapy

St. Mary-Corwin Hospital’s radiation oncology department is a leader in cancer treatment and radiation therapy.

    Our state-of-the-art radiation therapy center offers:

    • Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT) and Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS). Fast, precise, non-invasive treatment for cancer sites located throughout the body including difficult to operate regions such as the lungs, brain, spinal cord, prostate and abdomen.
    • Arc-based Treatment Delivery. Delivers radiation treatments in a fraction of the time of standard radiation oncology equipment.
    • Image Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT). Monitors the movement of tumors and other organs to ensure that treatment is safe and accurate.
    • Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT). Shapes to a tumor’s size and shape and reduces exposure to healthy tissue by creating multiple small beams of radiation that converge at tumor’s focal point.
    • Respiratory Gating Treatment Delivery, Optical Guidance Patient Positioning Tracking and Continuous Motion Management. Technology that tracks patient and tumor movement in real time to allow for more precise and accurate treatment delivery.
    • 3-Dimensional Conformal Radiation Therapy (3D CRT). Utilizes computers and advanced imaging to deliver external-beam radiation therapy that conforms to a tumor’s specific shape and size.
    • High Dose Rate (HDR) Brachytherapy. Delivers direct doses of radiation to a tumor with minimal impact to surrounding tissue while decreasing length of treatment.
    Integrative therapy

    Cancer Center

    Integrative therapy

    The Integrative Therapy Oncology Program aims to optimize overall wellbeing by enhancing mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health through programs and services. The programs offered vary monthly and are FREE to patients, survivors, caregivers, and community members.

    Some topics include but are not limited to:

    • Guided Meditation
    • Self-care
    • Zumba Gold
    • Tai Chi
    • Nutrition and Wellness
    • Couples and Cancer
    • Grief
    • Easy Chair Yoga
    • Anxiety Management
    • And many more!

    Benefits of Integrative Therapy and Cancer Care:

    • Feel less lonely and isolated
    • Increase overall wellbeing
    • Improve decision-making and communication
    • Increase positive feelings, including happiness, connection to others, equanimity, calmness, peace, and compassion
    • Reduce symptoms and side effects related to a cancer diagnosis and/or treatment

    To find out more information and/or to be added to the email list to receive all up-to-date class information, please contact:

    Tanya Portee, LCSW, Oncology Social Worker at [email protected] or 719-776-5878.

    Brenda Biggerstaff, LSW, at [email protected] or 719-557-4548.

    Infusion center

    Cancer Center

    Infusion center

    The Ambulatory Infusion Center at the Dorcy Cancer Center offers access to high-quality infusion and chemotherapy services. Staffed by registered nurses who specialize in intravenous and injectable therapies, we provide personalized, compassionate and comfortable care to every patient we see. This is the only infusion center in Southern Colorado to provide pediatric infusions, allowing children ages 4-18 and their families to stay close to home for their treatments.

    The Ambulatory Infusion Center offers a variety of intravenous, injectable and infusion health services, including:

    • Antibiotic administration
    • Blood product infusion
    • Chemotherapy
    • IV medications, including Reclast (osteoporosis) and Tysabri (MS)
    • Phlebotomy
    • IV hydration
    • Injections, including Prolia (osteoporosis)
    • Lab draws through central lines
    • Central line care, including access, flushing and declotting


    Infusion services are available Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Antibiotic IV therapy is offered on Saturday and Sunday on an as needed basis.

    For more information about the Ambulatory Infusion Center, contact us by:

    •  Phone: 719-557-5570

    Cancer Center


    At the Dorcy Cancer Center pathology laboratory, we access a wide range of specialized testing services and expert pathologists.

    In order to provide the best care to our cancer patients, our treating physicians consult pathologists to gain key health information including diagnosis of disease, indications of disease prognosis, additional testing and potential therapeutic interventions.

      A broad range of tests using advanced instruments and methodologies are available to deliver rapid and accurate laboratory results. These include:

      • Anatomic pathology
      • Hematology
      • Coagulation
      • Clinical chemistry, urinalysis and immunoassay
      • Cytogenetics
      • Flow cytometry
      • Molecular pathology
      • Microbiology
      • Transfusion service
      Expert team

      Cancer Center

      Expert team

      St. Mary-Corwin Hospital prides itself on the expertise of our physicians. But our entire team of multidisciplinary professionals at the Dorcy Cancer Center is top-rate and able to ensure the best possible cancer care for every patient. The following team of experts plays a key role in the cancer journey of our patients.

      In charge of patient support services, including patient and family counseling.

      Works closely with oncology doctors, other members of the medical team and patients to provide coordinated care to breast cancer patients.

      Board-certified specialists in oncology nutrition (CSO) who work closely with patients and their medical team to provide individualized nutrition plans during all stages of cancer treatment.

      Provide lymphedema therapy to breast cancer patients with upper extremity edema after treatment; to head and neck cancer patients with swelling in the face and neck; and to patients with mobility issues in their upper and lower extremities.

      Calculates drug dosages based on physician-directed treatment regimens.

      Provides patients access to the most innovative studies related to cancer prevention, early detection and treatment. The research nurse has information about current trials that may be available to patients based on their individual case.

      Offer counseling to people affected by cancer, providing emotional support and helping people access practical assistance. They can provide individual counseling or support groups, as well as locate services to help with home care, transportation, or the process of applying for Social Security disability or other forms of assistance.

      Specializing in cancer and genetic risk assessment, the genetic counselor advises patients to help them understand their genetic cancer risk and to help them make informed medical decisions.

      A member of the radiation oncology team with skills and knowledge to generate radiation dose distributions and dose calculations in partnership with the medical physicist and radiation oncologist.

      Provides vital services to many of our patients with head and neck, as well as other upper digestive tract cancers, to help with communication and swallowing.

      The Dorcy Cancer Center has professionals working behind the scenes every day to ensure a smooth, well-organized treatment process for every patient.

      Patients & family support services

      Cancer Center

      Patients & family support services

      It is amazing the impact that one simple word — cancer — can have on your life and the lives of your family members. Battling cancer requires a positive attitude, lots of information and knowledge, and a desire to heal. It’s also important to be willing to let others help you through this journey.

      The Dorcy Cancer Center offers a wide array of programs and services for patients and their families to help you navigate the journey from cancer diagnosis through treatment and recovery.

      From diagnosis through survivorship, the cancer journey can be stressful for patients and their families. Patients, partners and other family members can all suffer from depression, anxiety and stress brought on by the uncertainty and fear of a cancer diagnosis.

      The Dorcy Cancer Center at St. Mary-Corwin Hospital believes in the power of whole person care that combines treatment for the body, mind and spirit. The mind-body connection is especially important during cancer treatment. That’s why the Dorcy Cancer Center offers patients a wide range of therapies, including educational and exercise classes, support groups, and other services designed to enhance quality of life before, during and after cancer diagnosis and treatment.

      If you or someone you know has been touched by cancer, this group can help you. Education, support, and coping strategies are addressed in a caring, compassionate and confidential environment. The group facilitator is a licensed social worker specialized in oncology services.

      When: the first and third Wednesday of each month at 1:30 pm
      Where: Dorcy Cancer Center

      For more information, contact us by:

      • Phone: 719-557-5423

      The ACS Resource Center offers patients at the Dorcy Cancer Center with wigs, turbans, and scarves free of charge. Other services include educational materials, access to the ‘Look Good Feel Better’ program, the ‘Road to Recovery’ program, and more.

      For more information on these services, contacts us by:

      • Phone: 719-557-4944

      Or contact the American Cancer Society by:

      • Phone: 1-800-ACS-2345

      When treatment ends and the teams of doctors, nurses, technicians and others who have encouraged and supported the patient along the way are suddenly gone, many patients feel lonely. Connecting with others who have had similar experiences can help alleviate the loneliness that many cancer survivors feel. Each year, the Dorcy Cancer Center organizes a Breast Cancer Retreat, designed to allow women to connect with each other around their shared experience and to provide emotional, social, spiritual, and support to one another.

      For National Cancer Survivors Day in June, the Dorcy Cancer Center hosts an annual celebration of life. This special event honors those who have survived cancer and inspires courage in those who have been recently diagnosed. The event at Dorcy Cancer Center aligns with thousands of other events across the globe to honor cancer survivors and prove that life after a cancer diagnosis can be full and rewarding. National Cancer Survivors Day also brings attention to the ongoing challenges faced by cancer survivors and advocates for more resources, research, and survivor-friendly legislation to improve cancer survivors’ quality of life.

      Discount hotel rates are available for out of town cancer patients.

      For more information contact our patient care coordinator by:

      • Phone: 719-557-5989

      The Dorcy Cancer Center presents a variety of educational programs to inform patients and others about different aspects of cancer and treatment options. Nurse educators are available to answer your questions and help you understand cancer.

      For more information, contact us by:

      • Phone: 719-557-5215

      An unprecedented level of personalized care.

      In many cases, the ability to recover in the comfort of one’s own home can enhance the healing process. For more than 33 years, Centura Health at Home (formerly St. Mary-Corwin Home Health) has been providing a specialized continuum of care for patients recovering in their home in Pueblo, Fremont and Otero counties.

      Our professional team promotes independence and gives personalized attention to each of our patients. Centura Health at Home brings the highest quality of health care services and provider compassion from our hospital right to your home.

      Many health services can be provided in the comfort of one’s home when a condition makes it difficult to leave the house. Centura Health at Home provides the following services:

      • Skilled nursing
      • Physical and occupational therapy
      • Speech therapy
      • Telehealth monitoring
      • Wound care
      • Stroke rehabilitation
      • Cancer rehabilitation
      • Pain management
      • Medication management

      Centura Health at Home consistently outperforms the competition in quality standards as measured by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid. Our quality ratings are higher than the national average and the Colorado average.

      Centura Health at Home is accredited by the Joint Commission, an independent, not-for-profit organization that accredits and certifies more than 20,500 health care organizations and programs in the United States.

      Hospice services provide end-of-life and palliative care for patients and support for families. 

      Sorting through cancer treatment options while managing the emotional turmoil of this time can be overwhelming. Our oncology counselor is available to help you and your family get through this difficult period.

      For more information, contact us by:

      • Phone: 719-557-5423

      Our patient care coordinator connects patients with resources available in the community. Patient care coordinators work with you and your physician, bringing together support services to ensure seamless coordination of care throughout your outpatient radiation therapy treatment.

      For more information, contact our patient care coordinator by:

      • Phone: 719-557-5989

      Palliative care is the comprehensive management of your physical, psychological, social, spiritual and existential needs. Palliative care is not hospice. Rather, it provides symptom management and support for patients and families when faced with a serious illness. 

      Our spiritual care team is always available to you or your family members and caregivers as you begin and continue your cancer journey.

      For spiritual counseling, contact us by:

      • Phone: 719-557-5029

      Patient Resources

      Why the Dorcy Cancer Center?

      Cancer Center

      Why the Dorcy Cancer Center?

      Facing a cancer diagnosis can be one of the scariest moments of your life. You’ll have so many questions, and want answers you can trust. You’ll want to know that you’re receiving the best care possible and that your medical team will always do what’s best for your unique case. At the Dorcy Cancer Center you find all this and more -- the latest cancer-fighting technology and treatments, unmatched clinical expertise, and whole person compassionate care.

      At the Dorcy Cancer Center, patients across Southern Colorado have access to world-class, nationally recognized cancer care close to home – where they’ll have the support of their family and friends when they need it most.

      Accredited by many of the most respected medical bodies, Dorcy Cancer Center is known for our expert oncology professionals, state-of-the-art diagnostic services and equipment, and using the latest cancer resources and treatments.

      The Dorcy Cancer Center is part of the Centura Health Cancer Network, the leading provider of integrated, advanced cancer care across Colorado, Utah and western Kansas. From cancer screenings and prevention, to early diagnosis, diverse treatment options, and support services, patients at the Dorcy Cancer Center benefit from the collective expertise of hundreds of oncology physicians and experts across the Centura Health Cancer Network.

      The Dorcy Cancer Center is led by board-certified cancer physicians including medical, surgical and radiation oncologists who are skilled in treating a wide-range of cancers using the most advanced treatment technologies available.

      Our treatment team also includes many other therapists, nurses, physicists, dosimetrists and support staff who work diligently to guarantee safety and patient comfort.

      World-Class Radiation Technology to Fight Cancer

      Dorcy Cancer Center is proud to be Colorado’s first cancer center to have the Varian Trilogy linear accelerator. This technology uses Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) in order to deliver all standard types of radiation therapies, as well as the most advanced treatments. These new treatments use Trilogy’s pinpoint precision to concentrate higher doses of radiation on tumors while protecting surrounding healthy tissue.

      Dorcy Cancer Center is equipped with the state-of-the-art Varian TruBeam linear accelerator with Novalis Radiosurgery technology. The TrueBeam is one of the fastest, most accurate and versatile treatment systems currently available.

      In addition to TrueBeam and Trilogy, St. Mary-Corwin Hospital has enhanced our treatment capabilities with the GateRT® guidance system that enhances the sophisticated treatments we offer and increase treatment safety and accuracy.