Outpatient Therapy

If you’re recovering from injury and illness that’s left you unable to enjoy the same comforts and freedom as before, outpatient therapy can help. At CommonSpirit Health, we provide one-on-one therapy to guide you on your path to wellness. Our physical, occupational and speech therapy programs offer collaborative, interdisciplinary teams of therapists and other caregivers to meet your needs.

Stroke Rehabilitation

Multidisciplinary inpatient acute stroke rehabilitation programs provide intensive physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy to give patients the strengths and skills they need to return to their highest level of function.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation is about guiding you physically, mentally and spiritually to the highest level of function and independence. At CommonSpirit Health, we offer a network of nationally certified outpatient cardiac rehabilitation programs. Our programs are designed to offer comprehensive care to those recovering from heart surgery or procedure, a heart attack, heart failure or chest pain (angina).