Diabetes Counseling, Education and Management

Diabetes Counseling, Education and Management

Whether you are newly diagnosed or have been managing diabetes for some time, your health and well-being depend on learning and implementing effective diabetes self-management skills. By making smart choices about the food you eat, getting regular exercise, taking medication and monitoring your blood sugar, you can reduce your risk of the serious complications caused by uncontrolled diabetes.

CommonSpirit Health can help. Our diabetes management classes are designed by experts in diabetes care, based on substantial research showing that people with diabetes experience a better quality of life when they have a full understanding of the disease. We’re committed to empowering you, and your family, to learn real-life strategies for managing your disease and living a healthy life.

CommonSpirit hospitals offer dynamic, interactive programs with clear goals and a curriculum designed to help you take control of your diabetes, reduce its risks and live a rich, active life. The specially trained teams at our facilities generally include a certified diabetes educator, licensed behavioral counselors, a registered dietitian, exercise physiologists and a community health clinician. Every member of the diabetes care team is dedicated to working together to provide you with care and support in mind, body and spirit.

As a participant, you’ll engage in physical activity, enjoy cooking demos, practice your self-care skills and receive support to learn sustainable quality-of-life skills to accomplish your goals faster. Classes focus on specific skills, such as:

  • Taking your first steps: Understanding diabetes management, self-care, healthy meal planning and increased physical activity.
  • Building your skills: Learning about healthy cooking at home and nutritious options when dining out, then practicing meal-planning and problem-solving situations with diabetes care.
  • Healthy coping and setting realistic goals: Learning behavior change, social support options and how to reduce stress with breathing techniques and body imagery.
  • Living with diabetes: Understanding blood sugar goals and patterns, managing high/low blood sugar, diabetes medications, health checks, preventing diabetes complications and sick-day rules.