Clinical Trials & Research

We believe it’s important to provide the best care we have available today, while looking forward to new possibilities. That’s why we offer comprehensive, lifesaving treatments using the latest technologies, as well as actively participating in research programs and clinical trials that continue to uncover new advanced treatment options. We know that many of our patients appreciate the opportunity to participate in these programs that can offer new hope during a difficult battle.

What is a clinical trial?

Clinical trials are an important part of helping doctors find new and better ways to prevent, diagnose and treat diseases. A clinical trial involves following a carefully designed and closely monitored treatment protocol to find answers to specific questions. They are designed to discover new ways to prevent, treat or recover from a specific cancer diagnosis.

A clinical trial is always optional. You’ll never be forced to choose a clinical trial as part of your treatment.

Can I participate in a Clinical Trial?

The cancer experts are constantly participating in new clinical trials that create new opportunities for patients and help add important knowledge to the medical community. If you’re interested in clinical trials, talk with your doctor about clinical trial opportunities.

Ongoing Clinical Research

CommonSpirit Health participates in several research programs, including the Colorado Cancer Research Program. We also participate in the Cancer Registry, an important program that evaluates cancer care.

What is the Cancer Registry?

The Cancer Registry collects and evaluates cancer patient data to help improve cancer care in our community and beyond. When we report data, individual identifying information is removed while retaining important demographic information that aids research such as initial diagnosis, cancer site, extent of disease, treatment and survival information. By collecting this data on both a local and national level, the Cancer Registry has become a valuable tool in the fight against cancer, used by physicians and scientists to evaluate treatments used in different types of cancers.

Office of Research Operations

Research Operations is a system-wide research management office dedicated to providing experienced staff to support clinical research system-wide. We provide support from start-up to completion and presentation of research findings to associates, physicians, and students interested in conducting clinical research in the CommonSpirit Health system for projects ranging from investigator-initiated studies to privately- and publicly-funded research grants. Learn more