CommonSpirit Hospice House Mercy

CommonSpirit Hospice House Mercy and our skilled staff provides 24-hour hospice services in a residential setting designed to comfort body, mind, and spirit. Amenities include large patient rooms with private patios, family gathering areas, gardens, a library, a living room, and even a shared kitchen.

1010 Three Springs Blvd
Durango, CO 81301

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A home away from home for hospice patients and families from throughout the Four Corners region.

CommonSpirit Hospice of Mercy & Mercy Hospice House have helped hundreds of people through their end-of-life journey empowering them to live their final days with dignity and respect. Hospice care affirms life, emphasizing quality of life, where patients and families have ample time to prepare emotionally and spiritually for the journey.

Patients and their families can rely on the personalized, compassionate care at Mercy Hospice House when patients have symptoms that may be difficult to manage at home, or when families need respite from caring for their loved ones.

Hospice Care Services

CommonSpirit Hospice House Mercy

Hospice Care Services

There are several classifications of hospice care available at Mercy Hospice House. Service availability and fees may vary depending on the patient’s insurance.

  • Residential or “Home” – Hospice patients and families may choose Mercy Hospice House as their “home away from home.”
  • Respite Care – Temporary hospice care that gives a patient’s caregivers a break from the intense demands of patient care provided in another setting, such as the patient’s own home. Respite care at Mercy Hospice House is available to patients for five days out of every calendar month.
  • Acute General Inpatient Care – A classification for professional hospice care provided in a hospital or similar facility, such as Mercy Hospice House. Patients must qualify for this level of care by meeting Medicare standards, including having acute symptoms that cannot be managed in the patient’s home.

Regardless of classification of care a patient receives at Mercy Hospice House, all will have access to:

  • Care 24 hours a day, as needed.
  • Care from hospice-trained professionals who have access to a full spectrum of medical resources.
  • Care of physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of those receiving hospice services and their families, including access to chaplains and other support services.
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